The first sense we develop - even before birth - is hearing. Our hearing is also the only sense that is active constantly, day and night. It’s there to protect us, to warn us about danger, to give comfort and to let us enjoy music.  

Every great filmmaker in history has used the hearing sense to give more or less subtle clues as to where the audience should be focusing their eyes. We all know how devastating poor audio can be for a movie, and we know how important the sound is to keep us interested, informed and invested in the journey of the story.  

Music does just that. It takes us places we could never reach without it. It tells a story. Music is a wide open connection between you and your inner self. It’s the difference between a gathering and a party. A commute or a road trip. 

We know just how big a part music plays in life. That’s why our vision is to make great sound as available and accessible as we possibly can. We also know that everyone has unique needs. In order to make great sound for truly everyone, we made our speakers flexible, scalable, adaptable and intelligent in a very real, tangible way.

 Join us on our journey!

The Sound Wizard

Soundots founder and CEO Fredrik Gunnarsson was born in Säffle, Sweden. He now resides in Karlstad, Sweden, along with most of the Sound Dimension team. He was given the nickname “The Sound Wizard” for his ability to conjure great sound from impossible situations. Fredrik has been working with, cooperating on, and developing products in colaboration with some of the biggest names in the consumer electronics industry. Those experiences alongside a groundbreaking idea for a completely new way of owning and playing sound is the core of our values and our vision.

The Why 

Fredrik has always carried a deep love for music. Another career was never an option. As a result, he now has a background in radio, TV, numerous recording sessions and as a musician. Fredrik has also passed on his skills in sound-engineering to hundreds of students, many of whom now work in the field all over the globe.

The design philosophy is simple to grasp. It’s much harder to implement into something tangible. Fredriks vision of the optimal sound revolves not around the sound itself. Rather, the sound experience always comes first.


  • When designing a speaker, it’s not the quality of the individual components that will make the listener stomp along with the beat. What really matters is how the sound is perceived and experienced. The shortest route there will rarely result in the best outcome. And that’s the thing. That - the experience of the best possible sound - is my goal with everything I do. 

Soundots History

We launched our first product with the name aiFi. Over time, that name became synonymous with the artificial intelligence used to enable the units to communicate with one another. Therefore, we came to the decision to change our name to Soundots. The black holes (the Soundots, if you will) have been there all along, sitting in plain sight on four sides of our speakers. They are a crucial part of every Soundots product as they enable music and data to travel between the units.


For Soundots, the future stems completely from our first speaker: the Soundots XCEL. We have an entire series of products on the drawing table waiting to cooperate with our current speakers. 2018 is an exciting year for us. Hopefully for you as well! Everything we do revolves around the vision of creating a truly flexible, connected home for our users. Great sound for everyone - on every occasion.


The company behind Soundots is Sound Dimension. We started working with great sound in 2013. Our offices are located at Innovation Park in Karlstad, right next to Karlstad University.

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