Soundots™ Technology 

All of our products are able to communicate with each other via the four holes located on the top, bottom, left and right side of the speakers. The Soundots™ technology makes it possible to transfer up to 192 kHz / 24-bit sound between any units touching each other - completely wireless. The information is then passed through to the MCU where the AiFi® technology takes care of it and sends new data to the adjacent units. The sound is transferred to the DSP which, among other things, applies the Sound Dimension® technology.

 AiFi® Technology 

AiFi® is our patented artificial intelligence. It enables all of our products to be aware of their position, the current configuration of the stack and the specific task of each unit. That way, the sound is optimized based on the current speaker configuration. 

Our software is operated by a 100 Mhz 32-bit floating point Central Processing Unit (CPU). You can easily update to the latest version of our software by using the app or by placing your units next to another, already updated Soundots product. The update will then begin automatically. 

The AiFi® technology determines how the sound should be played and sends that information to the digital signal processor (DSP). A single Soundots unit plays in stereo. When placed next to each other in even numbers, the audio is distributed into channels (left and right). Horizontally placed units in uneven numbers enables a powerful soundbar-mode. 

By stacking units vertically you achieve an even better acoustic connection, a more powerful bass and increased clarity in the overall sound.

Sound Dimension® Technology 

The Sound Dimension® technology is operated by the DSP from Analog Devices®. The DSP handles all signal calculations in true 32-bit to secure high-end audio quality. 

The Sound Dimension® technology was named after the fact that it reconstructs three essential dimensions of sound: the tonal dimension, the dynamic dimension and the spatial dimension.

The key component of the technology is handling the tonal dimension. That’s what enables our speakers to achieve a pleasant balance between low, middle and high audio frequencies. Everything is adjusted to the sensitivity of the ear to make sure that the sound environment is perceived as homogenous.  

The dynamic dimension maximizes the lower frequencies which is especially important in a speaker like the Soundots XCEL where the entire frequency spectrum is being played by the same driver. This is possible due to a pneumatic connection to our passive radiators, which enables Soundots products to play far lower frequencies than what should be possible with this level of compact design. 

The spatial dimension simulates an acoustic image that’s perceived as far wider than the actual case. We’re even able to achieve a sound experience similar to the one you would be getting in a cinema theatre where the surround sound embraces the audience. 

We are extremely proud of the Sound Dimension® technology. It’s what enables an audio-quality where the subtlest nuance gets to share center stage with the beefiest bass. It’s also what makes Soundots products go above and beyond what we perceive as possible from such a compact speaker.

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