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You’ve got millions of sound experiences ahead.

We’d love to join on your journeys. Embrace a smarter, simpler way of experiencing high quality sound and explore the next sound innovation with the award-winning Soundots.

Listen to your gut.

Your gut doesn’t lie. Whether you’re listening to a private concert from the comfort of your couch or binge watching your favorite series, you deserve to feel every nuance and experience every beat. That’s why we designed a sound system that’s you can change and stack to fit your needs.  

Need a soundbar? Place your Soundots in front of your TV and connect. Need some music in the kitchen? Take a Soundots with you and keep playing your favourite playlists with the same high-quality audio - no wires attached. Need a beefy sound system for a party? Stack some Soundots on top of each other and enjoy.

Owning and playing great sound is that simple. You don't need amplifiers or large, stationary systems anymore.

Every occasion.

Soundots was designed to be used. The optical communication between units paired with our artificial intelligence, a battery life with up to eight hours of continued playing and a huge amount of connectivity ranging from Bluetooth to AUX, optical S/PDIF and analogue line-in boils down to a product that really is the only sound system you’ll ever need.

Award-winning sound.

Sound is the main ingredient in any experience. A presentation can feel complete when you add music to it. A good song grows into something bigger when you really hear all the layers. Soundots makes it easy to unveil the complexity of any piece of audio. No amps needed.  

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Out and about.

If you prefer to stream film and series from your iPad or computer, you probably know that there’s quite a gap between the audio and the image quality. We’ve also thought of that. That’s why we made Soundots compatible with pretty much any unit. Just add one or a few Soundots and you’ll be well on your way to a complete cinema experience from the comfort of your own home or hotel room.  

"As a single Bluetooth speaker this is most likely best in class but the real magic is when they are paired in 2 or more." - One Cut Reviews

"Soundots has managed to stand out in the sea of wireless speakers." - What Hi-Fi

"Create the perfect sound setup and endlessly reconfigure your audio experience". - Gadget Flow

"Overall, if you're looking for a premium Bluetooth speaker that can transform into a soundbar or massive sound system at will, with or without wires, look no further than the Soundots." - Tom's Guide


Taking the leap.

You can focus on the experience. Soundots will take care of the rest. The built-in Sound Dimension® technology makes sure there’s lots of room for dynamic and detailed sound reproduction. At the same time, the artificial intelligence works to make each unit aware of its position and purpose in the stack. All of the communication is literally lightning fast with no cables attached. We call it a smarter sound system.

The power is in the details.


One is strong.

You’ll be surprised when you hear what a single Soundots is capable of doing for your TV-setup.

Your portable companion.

While it’s true that Soundots is a strong sound system for your home entertainment, don’t forget that it’s a perfect portable speaker as well. Up to eight hours of rechargeable battery makes it a breeze to bring great sound anywhere, even if you choose to stack multiple units together on the fly. Bring your Soundots to the hotel room, build a powerful system in the park or put a ribbon on your summer nights in the cabin.

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