Why listen? Experience!

Our modular sound system is designed to let you experience pristine Hi-Fi sound for every occasion. To achieve this, we made it truly scalable and flexible. Simply add more sound, reshape your stack or take a couple of speakers with you on the go. That way, you can experience the subtlest detail in your favourite music, take movie night to the next level and make sure your home party is one to remember - all with one and the same product.

The audio quality and volume capacity grows exponentially as you combine more and more speakers,
so we simply ask:

How much sound do you need?



We’ve poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making sure that you’ll be as proud, happy and in love with our products as we are. The enabler of our magic is the four holes found on four sides of the speaker. The Soundots, shaped like a dotted soundwave, allow for lightspeed communication and calculations between units. It’s what sets us apart.


One is strong

Your favourite music deserves attention to detail. Fill all of your spaces with warm, clear sound and access it effortlessly however you want - whenever you need it. With built-in Sound Dimension® technology, discover an audio range reaching far beyond what’s previously been possible from a speaker with this level of compact, lean design.


Together we are even stronger

Simply place a Soundots unit next to another and they will seamlessly start to cooperate, creating an ever richer sound experience. The shift from one configuration to another is instantaneous. Behind the scenes, our patented AiFi® technology is making lightspeed calculations to make sure every speaker is aware of it’s position and purpose in the stack.

The thing is, there really is no limit. You decide how to stack and how many units are necessary for your sound experience - the Soundots system will simply respond and deliver. The audio quality and volume capacity grows exponentially as you add more and more units. Furthermore, with Soundots, there’s no “sweet spot”. That way, every listener gets the same high-quality sound experience.


Get your Soundots today

Place your Soundots units side by side, on top of each other (or both!) and they’ll instantly start to cooperate. The shift from one configuration to another is instantaneous. That means you will use the same speaker by the bedside, as a soundbar for the TV and when you need that extra bit of punch for a party. This is what makes Soundots truly modular and scalable.

We don’t believe in letting good sound go to waste. That’s why all of our products, now and in the future, will be able to communicate with each other. When you buy a new speaker from Soundots, you don’t throw away the sound system you already own. You add even more sound to your current stack.


When we design our products, it’s important that they’re appealing enough to deserve a nice spot in all of your rooms. Furthermore, they have to be robust enough to withstand any adventure you might bring them on. To achieve this, we use a mixture of high-quality aluminium and steel.

Experience high-end, full and rich audio that only gets better as you combine more and more speakers. It’s as easy as stacking blocks. When your Soundots units cooperate, audio and data travel in the speed of light while our artificial intelligence AiFi makes sure you get the optimal sound experience for all your music sessions and movie nights.


The app

Consider the Soundots app the brain from which you control your connected home. In the app, you’re in charge of every aspect ranging from the color of the light emitting from your Soundots to the current audio source and volume level.

Start playing your favourite music as soon as you walk in the door, hear every detail in the movie, listen to the sound of rain as you fall asleep and help your children fall asleep with a soft playlist. Playing good sound should be easy.

We always strive to achieve perfection and let our users experience world class audio. As such, we keep improving your Soundots long after you first purchase them. With the app, you make sure that you’re always in line with our improvements.

You can find the Soundots app in the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.

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